The original letter we received from John Stanley...


My name is John Stanley I live in Auckland New Zealand. A few months ago I read in the Rodders Journal that Rallie Amarillo had closed Hollywood Spring & Axle, I visited him there about 4 yrs
ago. The reason being that until then I had been in contact with him by phone, because I was restoring The 1st Hollywood Spring & Axle Midget and he was a great help when I had queries about this car.Then as I say I visited on my way to Indiana and he did the springs for the car while I was over there and I picked them up on my way home, he also gave me all the the photos of the midget off the wall including the Trophy Ribbons that Bob Tattersall had brought back from Australia. Bob
brought the car to New Zealand then on to Australia in our 1964-65 racing season. It was white with blue and gold leaf numbers, it was #54. After a very successful Tour in it he sold it for Marv Edwards
to an Australian Owner. Rallie remembers him bringing in the Check and Trophies for Marv. I have a front cover photo of a 1961 Ascot Turkey Nite G.P.with a #45 Hollywood Spring & Axle Offy on it , this would have been the team car to the #54 I have, I am sure that car became the #98-#83 car. Anyway I've just finished restoring the car as Bob brought it to N.Z. he had Mobil sponsorship here which fitted in with the colors of the car and on the hood Hollywood Spring & Axle Hollywood California .A friend of mine a Frank 'Satan 'Brewer was the 1st driver to drive the car in 1946 so I really feel privileged to own this Car, I also raced against Bob Tattersall thru the 1960,s. Well I hope all this has been of interest to you.

Regards, John.

Below are photos of the outstanding restoration of the original "offy 54" supplied by John Stanley.


We will update the history of this car as we receive more information from John... Hollywood Spring and Axle would like to personally thank John Stanley for his contribution.