Hollywood Spring & Axle is a true American racing legend. Marvin Edwards’ started making springs in Arizona. In 1936, seeking relief from the Great Depression, Marvin shut down his Arizona based business, moved it to Hollywood, California and renamed his business Hollywood Spring & Axle

Hollywood Spring and Axle located at 6009 W. Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California.





















Company. Race car springs were Marvin’s specialty and he had already begun making springsfor such great racing names as Miller & Kurtis. Based at 6009W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Spring became a landmark as well as becoming standard equipment on virtually every American race car builder’s products from the West Coast to Indianapolis. The Hollywood Spring legend was personified as Marvin Edwards and his successor Rallie Alamillo fielded racing cars driven by greats Parnelli Jones, A. J. Foyt, Elmer George and others. The Hollywood Spring Special midget, as driven by Parnelli Jones, one of his most successful drivers,is by far the most remembered of Marvin and Rallies race cars.

This is the Hollywood Spring Special midget.